Stranger in a strange lans
Stranger in a Strange Land
by Charles Pilkey
The piece, crafted from machine parts, ponders the age-old science fiction question of what will happen to our world if nature is overtaken by machines. Inside the globe, the figure of a man raises his arms upward. Pilkey said he drew the idea from a 1950s novel, "He Who Shrank," and hopes people who visit will think about how their world has seen a slow encroachment of the man-made over the natural. “Charles Pilkey is a former geologist turned artist. He lived in Japan for 14 years where he taught stone carving at Kyushu Sangyo University. His sculptures can be seen in China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey and the U.S. “My work is a reaction to how technology, for better or for worse, continues to transform our world. Stranger in a Strange Land portrays a grim future where nature has been completely replaced by technology. The other two works, Cherokee and Cataloochee, present a more hopeful view of technology. Implicit in the esthetic harmony of stone (a natural material) and steel (a product of industry) is the notion that ecological harmony between nature and industry may one day be possible.” DImensions: 7 feet tall Medium: Welded Steel, Bronze Price: $3,000
Location Canton Goodrich 7 GDX, 43555 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187
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