Power surge
Power Surge
by DW Martin
Mr. Martin’s initial interest and departure point comes from observations of electrical pylons that carry high voltage power lines across the land. “There are two main elements that have captivated my creative urges and have led to the sculptures that I produce. First are the figurative qualities the pylons possess. I observe how different structures reveal a more specific gender than another and obvious recognition of appendages. Second is the ‘line’ and how it moves over vast areas of landscape carrying electricity from point A to point B and how it affects our daily lives. Also how we as people take for granite the visual existence of these dominating structure and the function it provides bringing electricity into our homes.” Dimensions: 25’ x 100’ x 60’ Media: Fabricated Steel and Powder Coating Price: $22,500
Location Home Depot, 39825 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187
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