Fountain of the pioneers
Fountain of the Pioneers
by Alphonso Ianelli
Fountain of the Pioneers is a concrete fountain that was created by Alphonso Ianelli in 1939. About the Sculpture: Though the fountain has remained the centerpiece for Bronson Park for over 70 years, there have been some mixed feelings regarding the meaning behind the sculpture. From one political standpoint, the fountain is said to depict a towering pioneer with a club in his hand standing over a Native American in a kneeling position. Political activists say the statue represents evil conquest, or the removal of the people who were first on this land. Individuals who are in favor of the fountain staying describe it as a tribute to the westward progression and conquest of the United States by pioneers. Also, though the Native American is shown in an inferior position, it was not meant to be a racist statement.
Location Bronson Park, Kalamazoo Michigan, MI
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