Edison memorial fountain
Edison Memorial Fountain
by Unknown
The Edison Memorial Fountain, located in the western half of Grand Circus Park, was created to honor Thomas Alva Edison and his achievements. The fountain is a circular structure made out of Indiana limestone with jets. The fountain had been operating in the east and was purchased by Allied Electrical Industries, which contributed $25,000, and the Detroit Board of Commerce which contributed another $2,000. The fountain was reassembled to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Edison's invention of the electric lamp. Among those attending the dedication on Oct. 21, 1929, were Edison and President Herbert Hoover. The plaque on the fountain reads: ERECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF DETROIT IN COMMEMORATION OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THOMAS ALVA EDISON THE REALM OF ELECTRICITY OCTOBER TWENTY-FIRST IN THE YEAR ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE The lights were turned on in Edison's memory during his funeral in 1931. After repairs, the fountain was rededicated Oct. 18, 1984. New lighting, jets, and controls were installed in 1998. Medium: Limestone
Location Grand Circus Park, Detroit Michigan, MI
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