Echo cognitio
Echo Cognitio
by Joseph Weaver
A donation to the Honors College by Ann and Jim Nicholson, Echo Cognitio sits in front of the College's entryway. The title of the scupture - “echo of knowledge” in Latin - is well suited for the Honors College. Ann Nicholson, vice chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, hoped that the work would become a symbol of the Honors College's "unique identity" and that "it [would] give a lot of pleasure to Oakland students for generations to come." This was the second sculpture of Joseph Wesner on campus, following his Motherswell. Wesner has said of his art: "Meaning is the essential concern in my sculpture. Within the parameters of welded and painted steel I attempt to create sculptures that affirm the celebration of life ... It is [the] search for the essence of life's celebrative joy as shared in the creative experience to which my sculptures aspire." Installed 1999 Medium: Cor-Ten Steel
Location Honors College, Oakland University, College Park, MD
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