by Brian Ferriby
Artist Statement: I sculpt because it is a perfect combination of my passions. Sculpture embraces space and form like architecture; movement and rhythm like music; and beauty and simplicity like nature. "I prefer to work from intuition. I rely upon similarity of form to unite a composition. I do not know what the outcome of each piece will be until it is completed. Learning from the current work provides the inspiration for the next. I build my sculptures from materials native to Michigan. I use steel and copper, both originally mined in the Upper Peninsula and transported by ship to the mills of the Midwest. I also use techniques that are elemental to the region, from those used by the earliest blacksmiths to those of the ironworkers who built factories, skyscrapers, and bridges. I believe my sculpture is a continuation of these innovations. While I find much to admire and emulate in previous work by other craftsmen, I continue to search for artistic avenues of expression as of yet unexplored." Media: Metal, Paint
Location Fuerst Park Novi, Michigan, MI
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