Collateral damage
Collateral Damage
by Joseph Mannino
Joseph Mannino states: “My sculpture employs architectural elements in order to create structures that are playful yet ominous and contradictory. Many of my works can be read as monuments. The Latin translation of monument alludes to things that remind. My sculptures are psychological stopping points, offering a place to contemplate a complex world. They are not heroic memorials, but quiet commemorations.” The concept for Mannino’s piece "Collateral Damage" was a quotation from an embroidered pillow on a loveseat belonging to Alice Roosevelt Longworth that read “If you can’t say anything good about someone, sit right here by me.” The sculpture was donated to MSU by the artist and the installation was underwritten by a gift from the graduating class of 2006. Dimensions: 75 inches x 16 inches Medium: Stone
Location 42.727958,-84.481516, East Lansing, MI
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