Children's temperance fountain
Children's Temperance Fountain
by Herbert Wehner
The monument was sponsored by the Loyal Temperance Legion headed by Mrs. Elizabeth Stocking. It was paid for by the children of Detroit who raised pennies as their plea for temperance. The fountain cost approximately $2,500. The first model for the fountain, which was made by Herbert Wehner, was rejected by the City of Detroit. The accepted mode, depicting a younger child than the first model, was executed by a French artist. After being damaged and placed in storage, the sculpture was used for flower shows around the city, to the dismay of Mrs. Elizabeth Stocking's grand daughter Victoria Van Fleet Saxton. In the early 1960s, she initiated efforts to have the sculpture restored and placed once more on Belle Isle. The sculpture's original base and plaque are gone. A new plaque was added when the sculpture was rededicated in its new location inside the Belle Isle Conservatory. You have to enter the conservatory to see this piece. It is worth the walk though and is free to enter. This sculpture is in the wing to the south (or your right) and is found at the end.
Location Anne Whitcomb Scripps Conservatory on Belle Isle, Detroit Michigan, MI
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