by Veryl Goodnight
About the Artist: Veryl’s various animal sculptures were inspired by growing up in the American West and having a lifelong love of animals. Working from home allowed Veryl to be outdoors and spend more time with the animals that continuously fueled her passion for sculpting. Throughout Veryl's sculpting career, she has placed work in private and corporate collections all over the United States, Europe, and Japan. Her seven ton bronze monument to freedom, "The Day the Wall Came Down," is located at the George Bush Presidential Library. In 1998, a second, or "sister", casting of this monument was delivered to Germany by the U. S. Air Force and unveiled at the Allied Museum in Berlin by former President George Bush. In October of 2000, Goodnight was the recipient of the Central Intelligence Agency's "Agency Seal Medallion" for this sculpture. Installed in 1997 at the Student Recreation Center, Western Michigan University Medium: Bronze
Location Student Recreation Center, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, MI
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