Belding brothers and their silk industry
Belding Brothers and Their Silk Industry
by Marvin Beerbohm
Belding Brothers silk company began in 1860, and eventually operated silk mills in five locations – four in the US and one in Canada. In 1925, Belding merged with Heminway Silk company, which operated for a time as Belding-Heminway, which was eventually bought by Corticelli Silk, which then did business as Belding-Heminway-Corticelli. The last Belding mill closed in 1932. The silk produced by these companies was popular especially due to the “Society Silk” (or Silk Art Embroidery) that was in vogue from around 1875 – 1915. The style featured typical Victorian floral designs, stitched in silk, usually on linen, using long and short stitch. Taught to women in America in order to give them a source of income, this style of embroidery had a relatively short – though vibrant – period of popularity. Installed in 1943 at the Belding Post Office Medium: Oil on canvas
Location 201 E Main St, Belding Michigan, MI
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