A kid's favorite
A Kid's Favorite
by Craig Snyder
According to Snyder, sculpture is his thing. “I appreciate all forms of art but working in three dimensions appeals to me in so many ways. I have gravitated to public art. It’s really the ultimate showcase for my work ‐‐ it’s out there for all the world to see and love or not. My specific focus is on welded steel, copper, brass and aluminum. I often combine that with stone, wood and now also ceramic materials. Depending on the preference of the piece, I will go with natural patinas but also seriously love color. I’ve always been fascinated with the East and have chosen to experiment with techniques and concepts originating there, such as wabi‐sabi. For me, wabi‐sabi is the acceptance of beauty infused by the imperfection as a reflection of our lives and loves.” Dimensions: 7’ x 4’ x 2’ Media: Painted Steel; Price: $8,400
Location Willow Creek Sidewalk, 42180 Ford Rd # 305, Canton, MI 48187
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